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In the Canyons of Černá Hora   [Assigned Title]

V KAŇONECH ČERNÉ HORY   [Assigned Title]
Nazione: Czech Republic
Year of origin: n/a
Genere: Amateur Film
Location: Itálie:Benátky, Jugoslávie:Dubrovník, Jugoslávie:řeka Lim, Jugoslávie:Sarajevo

Director: Karel Šťastný
  Ondřej Hofer

Parole chiave: accident on the river, canyon, church service in mosque, gondola, harbour fortress, herd of geese on the street, kayak, market place, minaret, overturned kayak, river rapids, sleeper coach, tin of sardines

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I. Yong kayak paddlers from the Old Scouts Club Varjag decided to go down the mountain river Lim. Together with other tourists of the travel agency LIDO they set off the journey to Venice by bus. From there they went by boat to Dubrovnik, and then they travelled some more 360 km inlands, to the spring of the River Lim. II. High up in the mountains, near the Albanian border, the group of water sportsmen attracts big attention of the local people. They assist our sportsmen to transport the kayaks to the river and the big voyage across dangerous rapids can start. One of the expedition members capsizes. III. The other expedition members rescue the drowning colleague of theirs and his kayak. However, most of their food supplies rest down on the river bottom. The only thing left is a tin of sardines. The starving Scouts have hallucinations. One of them looks at the ripped up T-shirt of his friend and he sees a slice of Swiss cheese instead. The coming crisis is averted and the whole group finally gets to the confluence of the Lim and Drina Rivers. Then they travel by train to Sarajevo. Following a tour of the town our water sportsmen are coming back home on the board of a big boat.

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Suono: n/a
Mascherino: n/a
Durata: n/a

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