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Eröffnung des Winterhilfswerkes 1933   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: Germany
Year of origin: 1933
Genre: Newsreel
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production Company: Fox Tönende Wochenschau

Keywords: Deutsches Reich (DtR), Sozialwesen (Fürsorge, Unterstützung, Versicherung), Winterhilfswerk
opening of the winter public social aid on 12.09.1933 by the Ministry of Propaganda Goebbels and Hitler. Hitler in the first row as a listener.
Dr Goebbels gives a speech. Hitler adresses the audience, too. Audience rose, applause, congratulate Hitler.
Sacrifices for the struggle against hunger and cold.each people should follow the call of the imperial government and donor assistance for the winter.
Street collection in Berlin, railway wagons, with donations run into a station, potatoes from Pomerania are unloaded, raising posters for the German Labor Front, miniature books with pictures of Adolf Hitler are sold on the streets. , collection cans are passed around at newspaper kiosks or in the tram.

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