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Made In Germany   [Original Title]

Made In Germany   [Assigned Title]
Pays: Germany
Année de production: 2002
Genre: Animated Film
Lieu de tournage: n/a

Director: Björn Frieling
Co-Director: Melih Bilgil
  Christopher Adjei
Music: Dennis Knopf
Producer: Björn Frieling

Mot-clés: Culture, Humour, Music, Portrait

  • eng
"Made in Germany" is a picture-book tour of Germany: one by one, the images capture German inventions and traditions - and those clichés and prejudices so typically 'made in Germany'. A world of images and imagery, which was collected, assembled and captured on film to be finally - ty.

Version 1
Langue: n/a
Son: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Durée: 00:01:47

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