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Wald in Not   [Original Title]

Land: Switzerland
Produktionsjahr: 1985
Genre: Documentary Film
Drehort: n/a

Director: Gerhard Honegger
Production company: SAFU

Schlagw├Ârter: Pflanzen, Wald
The film teaches students how to identify harmed trees. Dead and sick trees have to be removed.

Information about environmental pollution, about the importance of protected forests in the alps and the forest as important ecosystem.

Version 1
Sprache: n/a
Ton: 2-Doppelzacken (Lichtton)
Bildformat: 1:1,33
Dauer: 15 min

Kopiel├Ąnge: 161.80 m Request Copy Button
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Kopietyp: Positive
Filmmaterial: Acetate