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Nemuno upeiviai   [Original Title]

Boatmen of Nemunas   [Title Translation]
Země: Lithuania
Rok: 1953
Žánr: documentary
Exteriéry: Kaunas, Veliuona

Production company: Lithuanian Film Studio
music composer: J. Juzeliūnas
sound supervisor: P. Lipeika
written by: J. Sadaunykas

Director: A.Korenevas
Director of photography: M.Segalis

Klíčová slova: Politics, economy, nature, Politika, ekonomika, gamta
Documentary film about boatmen of Nemunas. Passenger and cargo ships, rafts. Water-marking of Nemunas, deepening of bed. Agitation work with residents before the start of the construction of Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant. Topographical, geological survey work in site of future construction. Views of Nemunas. Panoramic views of Veliuona from the other shore of Nemunas. Passenger vessels in Nemunas. Views of Kaunas. River port in Kaunas. Barges in Nemunas with the coal, grain, construction materials. Tugs push various loads. Captain of tug „I.Chernyakhovski“ Henrikas Čechavičius in the lodge of helmsman. He races with I.Voroncov, captain of the tug "Michyurin". Tugs meet in the river. Captain of tug "Čarnas" Stasys Poderys - the best captain of the navy. His tug is rafting. Engineer Gerasimavičius arrives to the tug "Čarnas". They examine the vessel's engine together with the tug engineer Aleksas Mackevičius. Nemunas shipping building in Kaunas. Passenger ship in Nemunas. River shipyard in Kaunas, construction of passenger vessels and tugs. Construction of passenger ship "Nemunas". Construction of passenger steamer "Krylov". Passenger motor ship "Radishchev in its first voyage. Passenger quay in Kaunas. Ship in Nemunas. Workers of the paper factory travel to Kulautuva summer resort. Brass band plays on board. Pioneers travel to the camp. On helmsman's bridge the captain allows children to drive the ship. Night on Nemunas. Tract marker Jonas Simonavičius supervises night road watermarks. Special trawl, intended for shipping road tests. Research work. Examination of the river bottom by divers. Dredgers deepen watercourse of the river. Agitation vessel; chief propagandist Kuznecov tells for sailors and villagers about the future of shipping options, after the construction of Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant. Hydrologists, topography specialists, geologists make their research work where Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant will be constructed.

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Jazyková verze: lit
Zvuk: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Minutáž: 00:08:49

Délka: 248 m Request Copy Button
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Druh nosiče: Positive
Druh materiálu: Acetate
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