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Die Deutsche Wochenschau (696 / 3 / 1944)   [Original Title]

Land: Germany
Produksjonsår: 1944
Sjanger: Newsreel
Innspillingssted: n/a

Producer: Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH

Distribution company (original): Tobis Filmverleih GmbH

01. RAD training camp in Bavaria. - 02. Captured American soldiers in Rome. - 03. Retrieval of artworks from the monastery of Monte Cassino, Italy. - 04. Train bringing supplies on his way to the southern Italian Front. - 05. He 111 in action on the Eastern Front. - 06. German positions on the bridgehead in Nikopol, Russia. - 07. Defensive combats in the area of Zhitomir, Russia. - 08. Awarding the stripe "Infantry Regiment List" on 25.12.1943, Russia. - 09. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel inspects the Atlantic Wall. - 10. Light German naval forces in the Battle of the Atlantic.

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