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MFI 277   [Original title]

Země: Hungary
Rok: 1929
Žánr: Newsreel
Exteriéry: n/a

Production Company: Magyar Filmiroda Rt.

Released by the Hungarian Film Bureau Ltd., 7 Bródy Sándor Street, Budapest VII
A demonstrative mass-meeting at Freedom Square on the 9th anniversary of Trianon peace treaty.
{A ceremony on the Freedom Square. Students, grown-ups and people in uniforms marching with the Trianon black crucifix}
The Hungarian popular equestrian sports that only had a short history, started to grow rapidly.
Five hundred horse-breeders participated on their own horses at this year's national riding demonstration.
{Riders' cavalcade on the Vérmezo. Miklós Horthy arrives on a white horse. Mounted escort of riders with feather grass on their hats.}
The festive initiation of the "Hungarian Well of Justice".
{Festive party around the Well of Justice}
[Pictures on the Budapest regatta that proved the fortunate growth of the Hungarian rowing.
The Dutch-Hungarian Davis Cup contest on the Margitsziget.
{Tennis game in front of public, also in slow-motion.}

Version 1
Jazyková verze: n/a
Zvuk: Silent film
Aspect: n/a
Minutáž: n/a

Délka: 160 m Request Copy Button
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Druh nosiče: Positive
Druh materiálu: Acetate
Copyright Information Hungarian National Film Archive, Budapest
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