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Jorinde und Joringel   [Original Title]

nach einem M├Ąrchen der Gebr├╝der Grimm   [Other Title]
Land: German Federal Republic
Produktionsjahr: 1987
Genre: Trickfilm
Drehort: n/a

Production company: Institut f├╝r Film und Bild
Screenplay: Angelika Schaack
Animation: Michael Schaack
  Lars Becker
  Matthias Krausze
Director: Angelika Schaack
Editing: Angelika Schaack
Director of photography: Thorsten Lehmann
Music: Wolfgang von Henko
Sound: Bodo Rucker

A shape-shifting witch lived alone in a dark castle in the woods. She could lure wild animals and birds to her before killing them. She transfixed anyone who would come near to where she stood, and turn innocent maidens into birds and cage them. Jorinde and Joringel, two lovers engaged to be married, went for a walk in the forest. They came too near to the witch's lair. She turned Jorinde into a nightingale and fixed Joringel to the ground. Once she had carried away the bird, she freed Joringel.
One night Joringel dreamed of a flower and that it would break all the witch's spells. He sought it for nine days, found it, and carried it back to the castle. He was not frozen to the ground when he approached the castle and it opened all the doors. He found the witch feeding the birds. She was unable to curse him. When she tried to take one cage away, he realized it was Jorinde. He touched the witch with the flower and her evil magic left her forever. He touched Jorinde with the flower and she became a woman again. Then he transformed all the other women back. (source:

Version 1
Sprache: n/a
Ton: 2-Doppelzacken (Lichtton)
Bildformat: 1:1,33
Dauer: 10 min

Kopiel├Ąnge: 113 m Request Copy Button
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Kopietyp: Positive
Filmmaterial: Acetate