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[License to thrill]   [Original Title]

Země: United States
Rok: 1932
Žánr: Music clip
Exteriéry: n/a
Klíčová slova: Jazz, Musik, Tanz
A selection of historical short films from the beginning of the American filmproductions for an exclusively black audience. In spite of the racial discrimination that prevailed in everyday life, short films for this minority group were produced very early, starting in 1929, mainly with known orchestras, an impressive selection of dancers, as well as with promising or popular singers and future stars.
Roll 1:
1. Film: 1932 PIE, PIE, BLACKBIRD - Vitaphone, short film USA
Cast: Nina Mae McKinney, EUBIE BLAKE ORCHESTRA, Nicholas Brothers (8 & 16 years old) - Quilts.
Songs: Blackbird Pie - Nina Mae McKinney-vcl; Memories Of You; Everything I've Got Belongs To You - Nina Mae McKinney - vcl; I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You; China Boy - Nicholas Brothers
2. Movie: 1933 THAT'S THE SPIRIT - Vitaphone, short film, USA
Instrumentation: Mantan Moreland, Florony E.Miller-Nachtwächter, NOBLE SISSLE ORCHESTRA with Cora La Redd-vcl / Dance, WASHBOARD SERENADERS
Songs: St. Louis Blues - Noble Sissle Orch. With Jack Carter-vcl; Stromp - Washboard Serenaders - Blinky Randolph-kazoo / vcl; Jig Time - Noble Sissle Orch. With Cora La Redd; Tiger Rag - Noble Sissle Orch.
3.Film: 1933 BARBERSHOP BLUES - Vitaphone, short film, USA
Claude Hopkins, Claude Hopkins & Orchestra, Orlando Roberson
Roll 2:
1. Film: 1934 DON REDMAN ORCHESTRA (Take-A-Chance Club) - Vitaphone, short film, USA
Instrumentation: DON REDMAN ORCHESTRA with Harian Lattimore-vcl, Red and Struggie-vcl / dancer
Songs: Yeah Man, III Wind - Harlem Lattimore-vcl; Nagasaki - Red and Struggie; Why Should I Be Tall? Don Redman-vcl
2.Film: BLACK NETWORK - Vitaphone, short film, Usa
Cast: Nina Mae McKinney actress / vcl, Emmet "Babe" Wallace actor / vcl (Ninas Partner), Amanda Randolph actress / vcl (Mrs. Mesanine Johnson), Bill "Basement" Brown actor (Mr. Brutus Johnson, Shoewich Factory and Radiostation Sponsor), The Nicholas Brothers Actors / vcl / Steppdänzer ("Lucky Number" sellers), HARLEM GONDOLIERS, WASHBOARD SERENADERS
Songs: You Came Along - Harlem Gondoliers, "Babe" Wallace-vcl; Black Eyes - Washboard Serenaders, "Washboard" Johnson and "Blinky" Randolph-vcl improvisation with various themes, including St. Louis Blues - Washboard Serenaders and Harlem Gondoliers; Half Of Me Wants To Be Good - Harlem Gondoliers, Nina Mae McKinney-vcl; Something Must Be Wrong With Me - Harlem Gondoliers, Amanda Randolph-vcl; Lucky Numbers - Harlem Gondoliers, Nicholas Brothers-Quartett / vcl; Walking With My Sugar On Sugar Hill - Harlem Gondoliers, Nina Mae McKinney / "Babe" Wallace-vcl
3. Film: 1936 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD'S DANCE ORCHESTRA (Music Is Our Business) - Vitaphone, short film, USA
Cast: JIMMIE LUNCEFORD'S DANCE ORCHESTRA, Myra Johnson-vcl, Three Brownjack's Dancers.
Songs: Westside Blues; It's Rhythm Coming To Life Again; Rhythm Is Our Business - Willie Smith and Orchestra vcl; You Can not Pull The Wool Over My Eyes - Myra Johnson-vcl; Moonlight On The Ganges - Three Brown Jacks; Nagasaki - Eddie Tompkins and Orchestra vcl

(text von Theo Zwicky)

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Jazyková verze: n/a
Zvuk: 2-Doppelzacken (Lichtton)
Aspect: 1:1,33
Minutáž: 32 min

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Zvuk: Sound film
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