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Der vierte König   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Year of origin: 1983
Genre: Trickfilm
Locations of shooting: n/a

Voice: Silvia Jost
Texts: Edzard Schaper
Production company: Cinov Filmproduktion Bern
Producer: Dölf Rindlisbacher
Screenplay: Edzard Schaper
Animation: Monika Demenga
  Hans Wirth
Director: Peter von Gunten
Editing: Peter von Gunten
Director of photography: Peter von Gunten
Music: Heinz Reber
Sound: Ivan Seifert

Keywords: Bibel, Nächstenliebe, Theologie, Weihnachten
Next to the Three Magi, there is a fourth, a little king who leaves the Russia to follow Bethleem's star. He saddles his horse Wanjka and wrap the treasures that his poor country possesses. Seeing misfortune and distress on his way, he splits off from his presents, which were meant for "the biggest king of all times and all places". His treasures run soon out, his horse dies and even the star stops shining. During nearly thirty years, he takes over from the son of a beautiful widow and he's a slave in galleys. He finally sets off again, and come juste at the moment where the king for whom he left the Russia is being crucified.

Technique: shadowgraphs

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Duration: 52 min

Length 568 m Request Copy Button
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