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Eucharistischer Kongreß 1926 in Chicago   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: United States
Year of origin: 1926
Genre: Reportage film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Producer: T.J. Forschner

Keywords: Chicago (Illinois), Indianer, Katholizismus (römisch-katholisches Christentum, r.-katholische Kirche), Kirche, Kongreß, Montana, New York (Stadt)
Documentary about the Eucharistic Congress of 1926 in chicago, including the arrival and welcoming of the European cardinals and the representative of the pope in New York and a visit of Cardinal Faulhaber in Montana.
1. Part:
June 1926 in Chicago; Sr. Eminence Cardinal von Faulhaber.
The emissary of the pope for the Eucharistic Congress. New York - The arrival of the Cardinal Bonzano. The yacht Saelmo brings his Eminence to the battery, the landing place of New York City.
The first papal legate, who ever enters the soil of the United States of America, is welcomed by Sr. Eminence the Cardinal Hayes.
The two cardinals in the cathedral of St Patrick.
The arrival of the cardinals from Paris, Vienna and Budapest. Sr. Eminence Cardinal Reigg Casanova of Spain. The next day, Sunday - the Pope and seven other cardinals; one of the largest processions in New York. Soldiers parading in unifrom. Sr. Eminence Cardinal Bonzano in an open car.
On the way to the Cathedral.
Cathedral with scouts, the military chapel, the gentlemen of the clergy. Procession reached the Cathedral.
The Governor of the State of New York and the mayor of New York City welcomed nine cardinals.
The papal envoy Cardinal Bonzano and other foreign Prélats are officially welcomed.
In front of the City Hall of New York: Mayor Walker, Sr. Eminence Cardinal Bonzano, Governor Smith and Sr. Eminence Cardinal Hayes.
special red train of the Cardinals, promotes them to the Congress.
The Eucharistic Congress begins. Arrival of the train in Chicago, the Cardinals travel through the city by car. Crowds. Accompanying police-car column.
Start: formal welcoming ceremony and the papal envoy, Cardinal Bonzano Eminence Sr., in the Cathedral of the Holy Names.
50 000 people in the streets.
Procession of clergy in the church. Crowds. Cardinals. One blesses the people.
Sr. Eminence Cardinal Faulhaber of Munich. Sr. Eminence Cardinal Mundelein of Chicago. Ceremony in the cathedral.

2. Part:
Approximately 200 000 people gathered the next day in the Chicago Stadium. Collection of clergy in the stadium. The Minister of Public Employment, Mr Davis (representing the President of the United States of America). Governor of the State of New York and his followers. The Cardinals go to the altar.
The choir, consisting of 60 000 children of Catholic Church schools, located in the Arena.
During the official reception in Chicago Colliseum (completely filled) Thousands welcome the Cardinals. The mayor (William E. Dever) of Chicago holds the welcome speech. The minister of public work, Mr. James J. Davis, welcomed the papal envoy on behalf of the President Coolidge.
Cardinal Bonzano responds to the greeting. Cardinal Hayes of New York holds the sermon (The highlight of the Congress). Sacrament of the sacred procession begins.
Large masses of the devout. 750 000 spectators. Move away.
The envoys of the Pope on the way home to Italy. New York - Cardinal Bonzano reverts back to Italy. Cardinal Hayes and Cardinal Mundelein wish him a pleasant journey. On the same vessel is the designer and director of the Arctic airship Norge, General Nobile. Meeting of the General and the Cardinal. the ship "Conte B. .. NCAMANO - Genova. Thousands waving. The ship is running out.
Sr. Eminence Cardinal Faulhaber visits monks (who were missionaries among the Indians of Montana). Cardinal visits a Native American settlement at Fort Peck (Montana). Faulhaber and the father of a Benedictine convent in Clyde (Missouri).
Faulhaber visiting an Indian family in Montana. The Cardinal, with two Indian chiefs in Polar Montana.

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