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MO┼śSK├ü PANNA   [Assigned Title]

Land: Czech Republic
Produktionsjahr: 1939
Genre: Feature Film
Drehort: n/a

Director: Václav Kubásek
Screenplay: Václav Wasserman
  Jarmila Svat├í
Production company: Zdar (Vladim├şr Po┼íusta)
Music: Josef Stelibsk├Ż
Director of photography: Ferdinand Pe─Źenka

Three well-to-do friends, Hrd├Ż, Sojka and Macha─Ź, go off on holiday together to a seaside spa. G├íbinka, Hrd├Ż's anxious wife, comes to the station to see him off. The men are hoping to live a little in the casino, on the beach and perhaps indulge in a little flirting. In a different hotel the young and beautiful Kl├íra has just discovered that her lover has abandoned her and also stolen all her things, including her clothes. He had recommended to her that she find herself a rich man while she is still young. Kl├íra, however, cannot think like this; it was not for money that she had loved the adventurous Robert. She now welcomes the simple and sincere company of Emanuel Hrd├Ż who becomes a good friend. Kl├íra has no financial difficulties because in the hotel where the three friends are staying, she is erroneously considered as a countess travelling incognito. Robert is mistaken about the relationship between Kl├íra and Emanuel and, with a pistol in his hand, he robs him of his money and diamond buttons. Emanuel, feeling cheated, believes Kl├íra to be a bait. The girl responds by sending a telegram to G├íbinka asking her to come to the spa. She then uses her cunning to get back the stolen possessions and finally goes off in search of a new life.

Version 1
Sprache: n/a
Ton: Sound film
Bildformat: 1:1,37
Dauer: n/a

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Kopietyp: n/a
Filmmaterial: Acetate
Copyright Information N├írodn├ş filmov├Ż archiv
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