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Neringa   [Original Title]

Neringa   [Title Translation]
Country of Origin: Lithuania
Year of origin: 1957
Genre: documentary
Locations of shooting: Neringa

Production company: Lithuanian Film Studio

Director: L.Tautrimas
Director of photography: L.Tautrimas

Keywords: Nature, economy, Gamta, ekonomika
Essay on Neringa – its’ history, villages, people, crafts, nature. Film from the series "Know your Country". Dunes of Neringa. Lagoon. Narrator tells the legend of Neringa. He tells us about current Neringa. Woods of Neringa. Woman knits the network. Wooden crosses on the graves. Networks at the seaside. Fishermen's boats. Men repair networks. Port of Neringa. Children accompany their fathers into fishing. Fishermen's houses. Klaipeda, castle of Klaipeda. The wind carries the sand dunes, storm in Neringa. Lighthouse of Nida. Fishermen return to the shore. Boats in port. Views of Neringa after the storm. Death Valley in Neringa - the moving dunes. School in Neringa. Planted forests in the dunes. The transporting of the trees for dune reinforcement. Fishermen strengthen the dunes. Forester Marta Šmitaitė inspects forests. Neringa's elks, birds. Mushrooms, berries. Bird traps, ringing of birds. Forests of Neringa.

Version 1
Language: lit
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Duration: 00:16:05

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