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Weltmacht Kaffee (Teil 1): Café de Costa Rica   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: German Federal Republic
Year of origin: 1990
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Assistant producer: Hans-Jürgen Haag
Voice: Claus Boysen
Production company: Imatel Mediengesellschaft mbH Stuttgart
Production manager: Susanne Bierer
  Eberhard Bantel
Screenplay: Roberto Sanchez
Director: Roberto Sanchez
Editing: Barbara Müller
Director of photography: Erwin Mayer
  Nico Wöhrmann-de Inés
Sound: Damaris Zúñiga
  Dieter Schulz

Keywords: Kaffee, Südamerika
The first part of the movie, "Café de Costa Rica", focuses basically on the history of Costa Rica, the development of the owner of a large estate (Grossgrundbesitzer) and on the everyday life of the seasonal workers.

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Duration: 28 min

Length 299.40 m Request Copy Button
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Copy Type Positive
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