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L' Ours renifleur   [Original Title]

Der schnüffelnde Bär   [Additional Title]
The Sniffing Bear   [Additional Title]
Pays: Canada
Année de production: 1992
Genre: n/a
Lieu de tournage: n/a

Producer: Thérèse Descary
Director: Co Hoedeman
Production company: National Film Board of Canada (NFB) (Ottawa)

The Sniffing Bear

A film realized according to the suggestions of a group of Canadian youths in drug therapy. Based on an Inuit fairy-tale, the film tells the story of a polar bear who finds a near empty petrol can inside a deserted igloo.The strange and unknown smells emanating from the can irritate and fascinate the polar bear so much that he intoxicates himself with the fumes, chases away his friends and almost, in a state of complete delusion, falls victim to a pack of wolves. Luckily, his friends, a seal and an owl, come to his rescue and guarantee a happy end.

Source: Landesbildstelle Hessen

Version 1
Langue: n/a
Son: Sound film
Aspect: n/a
Durée: 8 min

Version 2
Langue: n/a
Son: Sound film
Aspect: n/a
Durée: 8 min

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