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MFI 176   [Original title]

Country of Origin: Hungary
Year of origin: 1927
Genre: Newsreel
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production Company: Magyar Filmiroda Rt.

HUNGARIAN NEWS 176. Released by the Hungarian Film Bureau Ltd., Budapest, I. Döbrentei utca 11.
Garibaldi and Tüköri memorial celebrations in Palermo.
March to the Garibaldi statue.
{Busy street in Palermo
Garibaldi statue with the celebrating crowd}
Albanese welcomes the Hungarians. Baron Balás field marshal saying thanks on behalf of the Hungarian government.
{Ceremony, pictures of the public, orators}
Thousands of people are listening to the Hungarian anthem.
{Pictures of the public}
The last representatives of Garibaldi's followers lay a wreath on Tüköri's memorial.
{Laying a wreath on the tomb, followers of Garibaldi processing with bunches of flowers}
Coverage of the sports event in the Szeged Police Precinct.
{Police formations on the sports field}
Kázmér Vay counselor of the Minister of the Interior listening to the report of Gusztáv Havas district inspector general.
{Kázmér Vay listens to the report}
Gun and sword exercises.
{Group practise with gun and sword}
Gymnastic pyramids.
{Uniformed policemen's pyramid stunt}
100 meter flat race.
{Runners on the track}
Representatives of the Hungarian film industry welcome the world renowned director Erno Lubitsch.
{After arrival, Erno Lubitsch at the station with the reception committee}
Pictures of the boat trip of Pártia Club to Szentendre.
{Boat-bridge with passengers getting on}
Károly Ferenczy took care of the cheerful mood...
{A hurdy-gurdy is pushed aboard, Károly Ferenczy's performance with it
Boat on the Danube, Parliament in the background, images of people on the deck}
Aboard the cruise ship.
{Guests on board
Orchestra on the boat
Dancers on board
Panorama from the boat}
Mayor Dr. Sztarzsinszky welcomes the presidents of Pátria, led by István Milotay.
{Welcoming of guests coming off the boat}
The End

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Silent film
Aspect: n/a
Duration: n/a

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Copy Type Positive
Base Acetate
Copyright Information Hungarian National Film Archive, Budapest
License Information Film can be licensed