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Fliegerei in den 20er Jahren Deulig-Emelka-Opel-Ufa-Wochenschauaufnahmen   [Original Title]

Fliegerei in den zwanziger Jahren I. Teil   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Germany
Year of origin: 1920
Genre: Newsreel
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production Company: Deulig-Film AG
  Opelfilm GmbH, Berlin
  Emelka-Wochenschau GmbH

Keywords: Amerika, Berlin, Reichshauptstadt, Graf Zeppelin (Luftschiff), Junkers W 33 "Bremen", Kunstflug, New York (Stadt), Paris, Tempelhof
1. Berlin. Airport. German stunt pilots flights in front of 150 000 spectators. Demonstration of Rhoenwheels. Formation flight. Single aerobatics, loops. Pilots; names are not mentioned.
2. USA. Maneuver America: bombersquadron.
3. without a title. The ocean-plane of Köhl-Hünefeld "Bremen" in Greenly Iceland with a group of people.
4. Start of the Ocean fliers Bellonte and Costes in Paris.
5. New York. The landing of the German Ocean-plane Gronau with a Dornier in the port of New York.
6. USA. Plane shoots a balloon. The pilot of the hot-air balloon with a parachute jump.
7. Dirigible Graf Zeppelin landed in London.
8. Walter Nehring wins a long distance record of 72.4 km. Launch and flight. Nehring in the glider.
9. USA. A rotor aircraft without wings on a ship during transportation.
10. Plane takes post from the roof of a office building during the flight.
11. USA. Bomb Squadron flying in formation above Washington.
12. Berlin. World Flyer Griffin and Mattern at intermediate landing at Tempelhof.
13. Graf Zeppelin airship in flight to America. 1st. Day: airship leaves the coast of Europe, 2nd Day: Madeira; 3rd-4th Day: storm; 5th Day: Arrival in New York. On board. Dr. Eckener. Passengers at the table.

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