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Rosina the Foundling - KA   [Assigned Title]

ROZINA SEBRANEC   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1945
Genre: Feature Film
Locations of shooting: Praha: Staré Město, ulice Na Františku, klášter a kostel sv. Anežky, Praha: Staré Město, Staroměstský orloj, Roudnice nad Labem

Director: Otakar Vávra
Screenplay: Otakar Vávra
Production company: Státní výroba filmů
Music: Jiří Srnka
Director of photography: Jan Roth

Keywords: airy kiss, angry woman, argument, barbers, bells, big jugs, bricks, card games, cards, caress, coins, common prayer, crucifix, crying woman, daggers, declaration of love, desperate woman, dogs, drunk man, embracing men, female matchmaker, fight, fire-eaters, fireplace, forcible embrace, glassworks, hanging out laundry, hat with a feather, hearth, ill woman, interrupted kiss, kiss, kiss on a man's hand, ladders, letters, lute, lute playing, marketplace, men in a stock, pewter cups, priests, proposal of marriage, Pubs, ringing, shouting man, singing man, slap in the face, small chest, smithy, Snow, stand with gloves, striped glass, swallows, table knocked over, toasts, wicker baskets, wine in a jug, wooden wheelbarrows, young couple
Temperamental Rozina finds out from her unkind mother that she is a foundling given to the childless couple by Father Antonín, prior of the Convent of St Agnes. Rozina goes through an emotional shock and gets very attached to her first love - Italian glass-maker Nikola. He swears fidelity to her but later on uses her base birth as an excuse to leave her. Rozina marries her persistent suitor, old and rich master mason Karf, whom she doesn't love. He promises to buy an Imperial Charter to free her from the disgrace of her unknown origin. After the wedding, the niggardly man doesn't keep his promise. Their life together is unbearable. Rozina becomes Nikola's lover again. Karf drives her out of his house and is himself deprived of his title of the guild master because of her behaviour. Nikola goads a mob on the church because he hates the prior. He follows the prior and wants to kill him. Rozina throws herself between them and is hit by Nikola's fatal blow. Her life is redeemed with this act. The murderer falls from the roof and also dies.

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Duration: n/a

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