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Harlem Magicians   [Original Title]

Nazione: United States
Year of origin: n/a
Genere: Advertising Film
Location: n/a

Production company: Columbia Pictures

Parole chiave: Basketball, Sport, Werbung
Advertising film from Columbia Pictures for the "new" S8-Format. "This Process gives you bigger, brighter and sharper Pictures than ever before." and so on.

Then there are showed entertaining basketball scenes from the warm-up and the game between the Boston Shamrocks and the Harlem Magicians with a lot of tricks, dribblings and dunks. (DG)

Version 1
Lingua: n/a
Suono: n/a
Mascherino: 1:1,37
Durata: 3 min

Lunghezza 18.80 m Request Copy Button
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