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Die Deutsche Wochenschau (755 / 10 / 1945)   [Original Title]

Pays: Germany
Année de production: 1945
Genre: Newsreel
Lieu de tournage: n/a

Producer: Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH

Camera operator: Hoerburger
  Karl-Heinz Buchholz
Distribution company (original): Tobis Filmverleih GmbH

01. The bomb disposal unit of Captain Aghta in action, Berlin.
02. Civilians are trained in the use of bazookas, German Empire.
03. Hitler receives a delegation of the Hitler Youth, Berlin.
04. The first Knight's Cross of the Volkssturm, German Empire.
05. Defensive combat in Wroclaw. - 06. Defensive combat in Koenigsberg.
07. German Navy in the evacuation of refugees from East and West Prussia, and in action, Europe. - 08. Supplies for the Eastern Front, German Empire.
10. Interview of a radio reporter with women from villages that were occupied by Soviet troops, German Empire.
11. Stettin bridgehead.

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