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Der 30. Januar 1933 und seine Folgen   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Year of origin: 1958
Genre: Television film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production Company: BR

Keywords: Berlin, Reichshauptstadt, Garnisonkirche (1930er,Potsdam), Hitlerjugend, Judenverfolgung 1933-1938, Konzentrationslager, München, Nürnberg, Österreich, Prag, Reichstagsbrand, Sa, SS, Wolgograd
Television documentary, compiled from documentary images, montages of
Still photographs and reprints of documents; marching Nazi-formations; Deployment of the FDJ; Banners with Nazi slogans; Franz von Papen, Reich President Paul von Hindenburg, Hermann Goering at the entrance of the Reichstag; The burning Reichstag, recordings of the unloading and destruction; Party bans, dissolution of the union; Writers are arrested; Concentration camp with prisoners; Book burning, catalogue of banned books; Artists and scientists emigrate;"People's Traitor": Kurt Tucholski, Heinrich Mann, Max Hölz, Dr. Rudolf Breitscheid, Friedrich Stampfer; Jewish question; Strength Through Joy; Mass deployment at the national party convention; Recordings of the war; Fires, destruction, misery of the bombed out, deportation of the Jews; Battle for Stalingrad; Bomb damage, smoking rubble. Goebbels visites rubbled Cities; Refugees in the East, the struggle for Silesia, People's storm, the battle for Berlin, withdrawal of the Russians; Capture of German soldiers and officers, white flags on the houses, rubble and ruins

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