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Bella lattaia, la   [Original Title]

The Beautiful Milkmaid   [Assigned Title]
Land: Italy
Produktionsjahr: 1910
Genre: n/a
Drehort: n/a

Interprete: Novelli, Amleto
Production company: Cines

An incomplete rural drama. The beautiful milkmaid is the fiancée of a farmer. A gentleman dressed in the style of the 1700’s seduces her in a wood, kneeling down before her and kissing her hand; the farmer interjects but is beaten up by the gentleman’s men. The farmer and the milkmaid get married; during the reception the rich man gives the bride a necklace and dances a minuet with her. One workday the rich man receives a glass of milk from the milkmaid. The End.

Version 1
Sprache: fra
Ton: Silent film
Bildformat: 1:1,33
Dauer: 9 min

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Kopietyp: Positive
Filmmaterial: Polyester
Copyright Information Cineteca di Bologna
Lizenzinformation: Film kann lizensiert werden