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Mitteleuropa, West-Mähren - Bandweben mit dem Webgitter   [Other Title]

Central Europe, West Moravia - Weaving a Band with a Wooden Heddle Frame   [Title Translation]
Year of origin: 1970
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production company: Vlasta Svobodová (Brünn)
  P. Knáva (Brünn)
First released by: IWF (Göttingen)
Distributor: IWF (Göttingen)
Author: Vlasta Svobodová
  P. Knáva

Keywords: Bandweben, Flachs, Gitterweberei, Kettenstoffbildung, Tragband, Weben, Webkette, carrying strap, flax, strap weaving, warp, weaving, weaving lattice
Even today some peasant women still weave carrying straps for their hay carrrying sheets, using the remnants of flax yarn and a weaving lattice. An old peasant woman pulls the warp yarn into the wooden weaving lattice, feeding it alternately, through its holes and slits. The end of the warp is fastened onto the window seat; the other end she winds around her waist. By moving the lattice, upwards and downwards, she weaves the shed and the countershed through which she leads the woof, which is wound on a pirn. The already woven strap she winds around her waist. Working in this way she uses up the entire length of the taut warp.

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Sound: n/a
Aspect: n/a
Duration: 5 min

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