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Amerikanische Kriegswochenschau Anfang März 1945   [Original Title]

Land: United States
Produktionsjahr: 1945
Genre: Newsreel
Drehort: n/a
Schlagwörter: Bomben, Deutschland, Flugzeug, Gefangene, Kampfszenen, Köln (Deutschland), Krieg, Landminen, Panzer, Remagen (Deutschland), USA, Zweiter Weltkrieg
This American newsreel from 1945 shows pictures from the war front that are much more brutal and intense than anything the German audience ever saw in their cinemas. The cameraman got his shots during one of the toughest battles of material of World War II: the scenes show the fighting at and the capture of Cologne as well as the passing of the Rhine at Remagen on March 7, 1945. The U.S.-Army combats against the German troops using machineguns, artillery shells, land mines, bombs, guns, armoured vehicles and airplanes. German prisoners are marched off to detention centres or bestially murdered in front of the camera. At the end there is a shot of a wall with the writing "Hitler ist kaput" ("Hitler is kaput") on it.

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