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Merkinė   [Original Title]

Merkinė   [Title Translation]
Pays: Lithuania
Année de production: 1959
Genre: documentary
Lieu de tournage: Merkinė

Director: n/a
Director of Photography: n/a
Production company: Lithuanian Film Studio

Mot-clés: Nature,religion, culture, Gamta, religija, kultūra
The landscape near Merkinė. The bends of Nemunas. Merkinė hill. The ortodox church of Dominical Cross in Merkinė. The fresco above the main entrance to the church. The broken bell near the church. The unicorn picture on the bell – the symbol of Merkinė represented in Merkinė blazon. The stone tower. The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The view of Merkinė from distance. The banks of river Nemunas while sailing. The panorama of Nemunas. The fragment of church. The stone tower. The bend of Nemunas from the high bank. The lonely tree. The panorama of Merkinė from distance. Another lonely tree. The details of broken bell with unicorn picture: the unicorn, stamp, decorations. The banks of river Nemunas while sailing. The mound of Merkinė.

Version 1
Langue: silent film
Son: silent film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Durée: 00:06:52

Longueur 185,6 m Request Copy Button
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Type de copie Positive
Matériau Nitrate
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