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KDYBYCH BYL T├üTOU   [Assigned Title]

Land: Czech Republic
Produktionsjahr: 1939
Genre: Feature Film
Drehort: Praha: Hrad─Źany, panor├íma zasn─Ť┼żen├í (z Pet┼Ö├şna)

Director: Miroslav Cikán
Screenplay: Josef Neuberg
  Jaroslav Mottl
  Josef Hlav├í─Ź
Production company: Nationalfilm
Music: Josef Stelibsk├Ż
Director of photography: Jan Stallich

Office clerk Adami─Źka has lived for a number of years in the Prague castle district of Hrad─Źany, subleasing from the widow Jandov├í. Because of his good-natured disposition he is often the butt of his colleague's jokes. One day they foist on him the purchase of tickets from the class lottery which he has allegedly ordered. With a heavy heart Adami─Źka pays them. The niece of Mrs. Jandov├í, the milliner M├şla, who also lives at her place, has a love interest with Karel the taxi-driver. Adami─Źka's lottery tickets are winners and the happy winner has a collapse. No sooner has he returned home from the hospital, than M├şla marries. At Karel's insistence the young woman asks Adami─Źka for a loan to buy a new car. He gladly gives her the money. Karel, however, pays only the first installment on the car and loses the rest at cards. He flees to America in the face of his debts. M├şla gives birth to a daughter, Karli─Źka, and Adami─Źka finds fulfillment in caring for the small child. After some years when he has made up his mind to ask M├şla for her hand in marriage, a letter from Karel arrives. He has worked diligently and has paid off his debts, now he is inviting his wife and daughter to come to America. The saddened Adami─Źka returns to his bachelor's life.

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Sprache: n/a
Ton: Sound film
Bildformat: 1:1,37
Dauer: n/a

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Filmmaterial: Acetate
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