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Vajont (Natale 1963)   [Original Title]

Vajont (Christmas 1963)   [Title Translation]
Pays: Italy
Année de production: 1964
Genre: Documentary
Lieu de tournage: Longarone, diga del Vajont (provincia di Belluno, Veneto, Italia)

Director: Luigi Di Gianni
Production company: Corona Cinematografica
Director of photography: Giuseppe Pinori
Commentary: Luciano Malaspina

The survivors in Longarone (province of Belluno) spent Christmas in the town cemetery, holding wakes for the dead and praying for them. The Christmas tree stands among the tombs. A man and woman, relatives of the victims, talk about the Vajont disaster.

Version 1
Langue: ita
Son: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Durée: 11' 51''

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