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Norsk ukerevy nr. 35 [1942   [Original Title]

Norwegian film journal, 35, [1942   [Alternative Title]
Pays: Norway
Année de production: 1942
Genre: Newsreel
Lieu de tournage: n/a

Production Company: Norsk Film A/S

1) The fire hazard of using a soldering iron
2) A visit to a fox farm
3) Bee hives and flowers at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo to increase food production
4) Bathing at Grefsen
5) Training of the Girl Hird
6) Volunteer work for youth on a farm
7) 100th anniversary for Norwegian composer Rikard Nordraak

Version 1
Langue: nor
Son: Sound film
Aspect: n/a
Durée: 00:13:00

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