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IDEÁL SEPTIMY   [Assigned Title]

Země: Czech Republic
Rok: 1938
Žánr: Feature Film
Exteriéry: Trosky, Český ráj, Praha: Malá Strana, kostel sv. Mikuláše, Praha: Hradčany, Chrám sv. Víta, Praha: Nové Město, Petrské náměstí, Praha: Dejvice, ulice Na Klimentce, Praha: Dejvice, ulice U Sparty, Praha: Staré Město, ulice Na Můstku, Praha: Nové Město, ulice Na Příkopě, Praha: Dejvice, Vítězné náměstí (zadní projekce), Praha: Nové Město, Jungmannova ulice, Mozarteum, Praha: Malá Strana, Valdštejnská ulice, Praha: Dejvice, Bílá ulice, Francouzské gymnázium, Rataje, hrad Trosky

Director: Václav Kubásek
Screenplay: Karel Melíšek
  Karel Feix
Production company: Nationalfilm
Music: Josef Stelibský
Director of photography: Jan Stallich

Jindřich Tůma, partner in a store selling "Asana" gas masks, has a very energetic wife who publicizes a vegetarian diet. Tůma expends all his energy in secretly eating meat dishes and solving crossuond puzzles. The real soul of the enterprise is Eng. Ivan Kareš, who also conducts the exercises for the civil defence. During an air-raid exercise on the street he severely reprimands a young girl who has not taken cover. This is Věra, Tůma's niece, who has come from the country to study in Prague. Tůma's son Jirka was to have collected her at the train station, but they missed each other. Věra enters the seventh year of school and soon she is sharing the enthusiasm of her schoolmates for an unknown composer whose pseudonym is Michal Marhan. Kareš is giving a lecture to the seventh year students on civil defence and so he again meets with Věra. Kareš attempts to convince the girls of the necessity of concrete ideals. At the premiere of Marhan's operetta 'Song of Joy' it comes out that the composer is in actuality Kareš. The girls give him an ovation. Deliberately Ivan does not notice Věra, with whom he just recently had a falling out. The obstinate girl decides to leave home. Kareš, however, catches up with the train and comes to Věra's compartment.

Version 1
Jazyková verze: n/a
Zvuk: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Minutáž: n/a

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Druh nosiče: n/a
Druh materiálu: Acetate
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