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Dienst am Werk - Vom Werden einer Neuaufführung   [Original Title]

Nazione: Germany
Anno di produzione: 1935
Genere: Reportage film
Location: Berlin

Producer: Bundesfilm AG

Co-Production Company: Deutsches Opernhaus
Director: Eugen Rex
  H. A. Lettow
Script: H. A. Lettow
Camera operator: Otto Tober
Music: Carl Dammer
Music editor: Karl Bergner
Production design: Benno von Arent
Solo singing: Constanze Nettesheim
  Harry Steier
  Eduard Kandl

Parole chiave: Berlin, Reichshauptstadt, Bühnentechnik, Deutsches Opernhaus (Berlin, 1935), Kunst, darstellende, Oper, Operette, Theater
This is a documentary film about the new staging of an opera or operetta at the Deutsches Opernhaus Berlin in 1935 using the example of "Boccaccio". The practical / manual and stage technical aspects are pointed out, not the musical and dramaturgical problems. The fabrication and installation of the stage design, decoration and lighting is shown as well as the manufacturing and fitting of the costumes and wig, also soloist, choir, orchestra and ballet dancer during the rehearsal.

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Lingua: deu
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