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In the GIS Laboratory   [Title Translation]

Im GIS-Labor   [Other Title]
Produktionsjahr: 2005
Genre: Documentary Film
Drehort: n/a

Production company: IWF (G├Âttingen)
First released by: IWF (G├Âttingen)
Distributor: IWF (G├Âttingen)
Producer: Walter Stickan
Author: IWF

Schlagw├Ârter: Forschung, GIS Labor, Informationssystem, Kartierung, landschafts├Âkologisches, GIS laboratory, landscape ecological information system, mapping, research
The demarcations mapped in the field and the recorded site data are processed with the aid of the computer. From the DVD-ROM: Ecosystem Forest. (C 7043).

Version 1
Sprache: deu, eng
Ton: n/a
Bildformat: n/a
Dauer: 53 sec

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Kopietyp: n/a
Filmmaterial: n/a
Copyright Information IWF Institut Wissen und Medien gGmbH
Lizenzinformation: Film kann lizensiert werden