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Die Deutsche Wochenschau (610 / 21 / 1942)   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: Germany
Year of origin: 1942
Genre: Newsreel
Locations of shooting: n/a

Producer: Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH

Camera operator: Rolf Richter
  Walter Frentz
  Kurt Katzke
  Walter Conz
  Karl Weil
  Hermann Kiefer
  Piotrowski, von, André
  Max Ludwig
  Otto Lehmann
  F. W. Reimers
  Günther* Peters
  Julius Kostelecky
  Adolf Loos
  Wilhelm Manthey
  Helmut Prüfer
  Waldemar Sakeus
  Rainer Schottmüller
  Karl Waldmann
  Erich Onasch
Distribution company (original): Tobis Filmverleih GmbH

01. Supporting film: 'What everyone must know! "(What is a gross register ton?). - 02. Visit to the studio of Professor Arno Breker in Berlin-Grunewald, Berlin, Germany. - 03. Reich Minister Rosenberg receives a Delegation of peasants from Ukraine, Belarus and Ruthenia. - 04. General von Kleist is awarded at Hitler's headquarters Wolfsschanze in Rastenburg, Görlitz (Gierloz), General-Government. - 05. Field Marshal von Bock inspects a command post in the Crimea, Eastern Front, USSR. - 06. Captured armored train used by German troops in action, Eastern Front, USSR. - 07. German soldiers in Yaila Mountains, Crimean mountains, Crimea, Eastern Front, USSR. - 08. Drill in a Russian city, Eastern Front, Ukraine, USSR. - 09. Sunday market in Kharkov, Ukraine, USSR. - 10. Hospital unit on the middle section of the front, Eastern Front, Soviet Union. - 11. Soldiers of the Norwegian Legion in north of the front, Norway, USSR. - 12. Construction work in Waldai area. , Eastern Front, USSR. - 13. Grenades for a transport squadron, Eastern Front. - 14. Captain Ihlefeld, recepient of the Knight's Cross With Oak Leaves, returns from a flight, Eastern Front. - 15. Attack on Russian positions, Eastern Front, USSR. - 16. U-boat war in the Atlantic, USA.

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