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UFA-Tonwoche Nr. 419/1938 - Parteitag "Großdeutschland", X. Reichsparteitag der NSDAP in Nürnberg 5.-12.September 1938   [Other Title]

The Development of Newsreel in Germany   [Series Title]
UFA-Newsreel No. 419/1938 - Party Rally "Großdeutschland", 10th National Socialist Rally at Nuremberg, September 5th - 12th, 1938.   [Title Translation]
Die Entwicklung der Wochenschau in Deutschland   [Series Title]
Year of origin: 1938
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production company: UFA-Wochenschau (Berlin)
First released by: IWF (Göttingen)
Distributor: IWF (Göttingen)
Author: Karl Friedrich Reimers

Keywords: Adolf, Adolf Hitler, Ernst Heinrich, Ferdinand, Fritz, Heinkel, Messerschmitt, Nationalsozialismus, NS-Reichsparteitag, NSDAP, NSDAP, Nürnberg, Porsche, Reichsparteitag, Reichsparteitage, Todt, UFA-Tonwoche, Willy, Wochenschau-Editionen, X. (1938), Adolf, Ernst Heinrich, Ferdinand, Fritz, Heinkel, Hitler, Messerschmitt, National Socialist Party Congress, Nuremberg, Porsche, Todt, Willy
Complete edition of the original newsreel: decorated streets and houses - cheering people to welcome Hitler - inaugural speeches: commemoration of the dead by Hess, Reich reglia, emphasis on the autonomy of the German economy, "one people, one Reich, one will" - troops parade - Goebbels' speech - presentation of the German national award to Todt, Porsche, Messerschmitt, and Heinkel by Hitler - mass gymnastics and German dances - roll call of Hitler Youth - parade through Nuremberg.

Version 1
Language: deu
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: n/a
Duration: 15 1/2 min

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Copyright Information IWF Institut Wissen und Medien gGmbH