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La couche de destruction   [Title Translation]
The Layer of Destruction   [Title Translation]
Pays: Greece
Année de production: 1980
Genre: Documentary Film
Lieu de tournage: n/a

Director: ΒΡΕΤΤΑΚΟΣ ΚΩΣΤΑΣ (Kostas Vrettakos )
Script: ΒΡΕΤΤΑΚΟΣ ΚΩΣΤΑΣ (Kostas Vrettakos)
Director of photography: ΧΑΣΑΠΗΣ ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ (Stavros Chasapis )
  ΝΑΣΤΟΣ ΚΩΣΤΑΣ (Kostas Nastos )
  ΖΕΡΒΟΥΛΑΚΟΣ ΤΑΚΗΣ (Takis Zervoulakos)
Editing: ΔΡΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΣΟΥΛΑ (Soula Drakopoulou )
Producer: ΒΡΕΤΤΑΚΟΣ ΚΩΣΤΑΣ (Kostas Vrettakos)
  Emmanuela de Nora

Mot-clés: ΑΡΧΑΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΕΣ ΑΝΑΣΚΑΦΕΣ, ΔΥΝΑΜΙΤΗΣ, ΚΑΦΕΝΕΙΟ, ΜΟΡΝΟΣ, ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ, Archaeological excavations, Café, Dynamite, Mornos, School, ECOLE, Fouilles archeologiques
This is a documentary about the creation of an artificial lake from the waters of the Mornos river in order to supply water to Athens, towards the end of 1979. This work led to the abandonment of Velouchovo, a village in the area, as well as to the destruction of ancient Kallipolis. Two years before the completion of the dam, the Archaeological Service began hasty research in the area, which led to the discovery of Kallipolis, an extensive and very important ancient city, with a history spanning several centuries. Nevertheless, research never finished, as in the early 1980s water covered the ancient city, which was buried under a destruction layer consisting of mud deposited by Mornos on the bottom of the lake. As he records the excavation with his camera, step by step, Kostas Vrettakos preserves both images of the ancient city and the fleeing vision of all those who believed in its discovery.