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Emelka-Tonwoche   [Series Title]

Über Berge und Hänge: Die Dreitagefahrt des A.D.A.C. und der Reichswehr durch den Harz   [Section Title]
Over Slopes and Mountains - The Three Day Race of the A.D.A.C. and the Reichswehr in the Harz   [Title Translation]
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Země: Germany
Rok: 1933
Žánr: Documentary Film
Exteriéry: n/a

Production company: Emelka-Wochenschau G.m.b.H., Berlin

Klíčová slova: ADAC, Reichswehr, Sport, motorsport
Caption: Over Slopes and Mountains - The Three Day Race of the A.D.A.C. and the Reichswehr in the Harz. 72 drivers have reached the goal without penalty. Footage: Tobis-Melo-Film -a road, motorcycle drivers stand by, motorcycles No. 27 and 28 in close-up -high-ranking members of the Reichswehr are present, in conversation with a civilian (unintelligible) -dogs are barking, engine noises -a drive up into a forest (motorcycle No. 7 appears in the frame), spectators, motorcycles No. 13, 14, 5, and 37 appear in the frame -motorcycle No. 20 crosses a small wooden bridge -motorcycle No. 47 follows up -an area of lumbered forest, logs lining the road -individual spectators along the slopes, a challenging drive up the mountain, motorcycle No. 36 appears in the frame -motorcycle No. 42 is stuck and needs to be push-started -a pan from the mountain down to the town -Mercedes convertible No. 169 drives up the mountain road with an officer at the wheel and another passenger -Spectators on the slopes -car No. 171 follows the driver and passenger -a third car with three people inside toils up the mountain -No. 171 approaches a mountain pasture and enters the forest, shot from the front -a motorcyclist crosses a ford -many children and adults watch. The driver is shown wearing a leather uniform and a swastika brassard. He is forced to push his motorcycle, as the engine has failed in the water. -Original sound recording of a child: "Push, push...." -motorcycle No. 77 crosses the ford, followed by car No. 176 with the number plate RW 6465 -Original sound: cheers of "Bravo!"

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Jazyková verze: deu
Zvuk: Sound film
Aspect: n/a
Minutáž: n/a

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