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Bahnstrom   [Original Title]

Von der Wasserkraft der Isar bis zur elektrischen Reichsbahnstrecke   [Additional Title]
Nazione: Germany
Anno di produzione: 1934
Genere: Short film
Location: n/a

Producer: Norman Dix
Applicant for censorship: Norman Dix

Production Company: Dix-Film Norman Dix

Parole chiave: Aufkirchen bei Oberföhring (Bayern), Bahnstrom, Baustelle, Bayern, Bayern, DtR, Deutsches Reich (DtR), Eisenbahn, Eitting (Bayern), Elektrizität, Energiewirtschaft, Isar (Fluss), Kraftwerk, Pfrombach (Bayern), Reichsbahn, Schienenverkehr (Eisenbahn), Umspannwerk, Walchensee (Bayern)
Using the example of Bavarian railway tracks the movie shows the generation, distribution and transformation of the traction current used for running the German State Railways in the 1930s. The presented power stations - Walchensee, Aufkirchen, Eitting and Pfrombach - are situated on the Isar, a river passing through Tyrol (Austrian state) and Bavaria (German state). The audience also sees the construction of new power stations and the power supply line from the transformer station to the railway landline circuit.

Version 1
Lingua: deu
Suono: n/a
Mascherino: n/a
Durata: n/a

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