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Bau der Ehrentempel   [Original Title]

Země: Germany
Rok: 1935
Žánr: Reportage film
Exteriéry: n/a

Production Company: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)

Klíčová slova: 1935, Architektur, Architektur, Architrav, Bauarbeiten, Bauarbeiter, Baumaschinen (20er Jahre), Bauwirtschaft (Bauindustrie; vgl. Industrie), Bayern, DtR, Braunes Haus (München), Deutsches Reich (DtR), Ehrentempel (München), Führerbau (München), Königsplatz (München), Krananlage, München (Bayern), München (Deutschland), Nationalsozialismus, NS-Zeit, Partei/Organisation, Pfeiler, Politik, Portalkran, Stahlkonstruktion, Verschalung, Verwaltungsbau der NSDAP (München)
This documentary shows the construction process of the two Honor Temples on the Königsplatz in Munich which were erected by Hitler during 1933 and 1935. They were memorials for the Nazis who died in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. The buildings for the Nazi Party were built at the same time. The shots show how laborious the building work was: there are big scaffolds, special building cranes and travelling trolleys to help putting the prefabricated stone plinths, column pieces, capitals and cross pieces together. In the end the finished Honor Temples are presented.

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Minutáž: 00:14:29

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