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CINEMATEK - Royal Belgian Film Archive (CRB)

In 1938 by Henri Storck, André Thirifays and Pierre Vermeylen founded The Royal Belgian Filmarchive (Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique), now called CINEMATEK. Ever since it has been preserving a collection of films with a permanent esthetical, technical and historical value.

The archive also has a vast collection of documents on the cinematographic art and assures the consultation of these films and documents for esthetic and scientific reasons.

The collection is one of the largest in the world, now counting up to 100.000 copies corresponding to 45.000 titles: full-length fiction films, documentaries, short films, which illustrate the history of film from the beginnings to our times. The collection grows every year with an average of 2.000 copies.

The Film Archive nowadays has three depots with a surface of more than 10.000 m2 for storage. Two of these sites are completely equipped and work at the third site is still ongoing (general building work, shelving, security and acclimatisation). The inventory of the collection has been completely computerized.

The CINEMATEK has been a member of the International Federation of Film Archives since 1946. The FIAF unites the majority of the world’s Film Archives and has to this day 130 members.

The CINEMATEK has been the driving force behind the FIRST project. Thanks to the financial support of the IST programme and the European Commission, the Film Archive has been leading research on the application of digital techniques in the different work fields of Film Archives.