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Allianz Versicherung   [Original Title]

Heute ist die beste Zeit   [Additional Title]
Allianz Insurance Company - Today Is the Right Time   [Title Translation]
Land: Germany
Produksjonsår: 1958
Sjanger: n/a
Innspillingssted: n/a

Production company: Insel-Film GmbH (Insel Reichenau/Bodensee)

Scenes from a fictional life, including key moments from birth to the establishment of a family (school, university, marriage), security for each situation is provided by insurances of Allianz Insurance Company.

Version 1
Språk: n/a
Lyd: Sound film
Visningsformat: 1,33:1
Varighet: 2 min

Lengde 57 m Request Copy Button
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Kopitype Positive
Filmbase Acetate
Rettighetsinformasjon DIF e.V.