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England v. World   [Original Title]

Pathé News 1963   [Other Title]
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Year of origin: 1963
Genre: Newsreel
Locations of shooting: Wembley, London

Production company: Pathé

Keywords: Fussball
England's football team take on a team made up of players from the rest of the world at Wembley, London.

Pan across exterior of Wembley stadium. L/S as teams walk out. M/S Alfredo Di Stefano Laulhe and Jimmy Armfield, the two captains, leading their teams out. L/S crowd. L/S people in stands. M/S Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, walking out to greet the teams. Various shots as he meets the rest of the world, C/U's team members including Djalma Santos, Silva Ferreira Da Eusebio and Denis Law. M/S England team. Various shots of players including Bobby Moore as they meet the Duke. M/S Armfield and Di Stefano exchanging banners before the game. Various shots as referee Bob Davidson tosses the coin.

M/S Bobby Smith starting the game, Terry Paine gets the ball and tries for a goal but it is saved by Lev Yashin. Various shots of the match, goalkeeper Yashin saves another England try. C/U boy watching. Various shots of the match, M/S Gordon Banks in England's goal. M/S crowd applauding. Various shots of the match, slow motion shots show missed goals. Jimmy Greaves tries for goal but it is saved. Various shots of the match. M/S crowds smiling. A free kick is given to the rest. Slow motion shot as Denis Law kicks the ball and it goes over the bar. M/S as Eusebio kicks and Banks saves it. Various shots of the match. M/S as whistle is blown for half time. L/S packed stands at half time. L/S brass band playing and marching along pitch.

Various shots of Raymond Kopa with ball in second half. Jimmy Greaves scores for England, but goal is disallowed because referee had blown whistle for a foul. M/S as free kick is taken. L/S Uwe Seeler running on to play outside right. M/S Bobby Charlton, slow motion as he tries for goal, new goalkeeper Milutin Soskic saves it. M/S crowds. Various shots of match, di Stefano passes to Law, Francisco Gento Lopez kicks the ball but the goal is saved.

Various good shots of match including slow motion as goals are saved. Slow motion shot as Terry Paine scores goal for England. Various shots of game in progress, some shots in slow motion. Denis Law scores for the rest, making it one all. Various shots of the match. Charlton shoots for goal and Jimmy Greaves kicks it in. L/S end of match as players shake hands with each other. M/S as band marches on again. Various shots as the players walk off the pitch. M/S man dressed as John Bull cheering and jumping up and down at 2-1 victory for England.

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Duration: 28 min

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