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Nicht schuldig?   [Original Title]

The Memory of Justice   [Original Title]
Nuremberg and the Germans   [Section Title]
Nuremberg and Other Places   [Section Title]
Land: United States
Produksjonsår: 1973-1976
Sjanger: n/a
Innspillingssted: Hamburg, Duisburg, Seebruck, Bremen, Princeton u.a.

Übersetzung: Ulla de Colstoun
Script assistant: Frank Hilton
Himself: Yehudi Menuhin
  Telford Taylor
  Karl Dönitz
  Albert Speer
  Eugen Kogon
  Alexander Mitscherlich
  Margarethe Mitscherlich
  Beate Klarsfeld
  Serge Klarsfeld
  Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff
  Joan Baez
  Edgar Faure
  Johanna Hofer
  John Kenneth Galbraith
Assistant director: Ana Carrigan
Producer: Max Palevsky
  Hamilton Fish
  Ana Carrigan
  David Puttnam
  Sanford Lieberson
Synch sound: Robert Rietti
  Richard King
Inserts: John Minchinton
Production company: Stuyvesant Films Inc. (New York)
  Polytel International Film und Fernseh GmbH (Hamburg)
  Visual Programme Systems Ltd. (London)
  British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) (London)
Mixing: Paul Carr
  Lionel Strout
Sound editor: Anthony Skoman
Screenplay: Marcel Ophüls
Production manager: Ivor Lieberson
Sound: Aimee Jackson
Production assistant: Polly Broxup
  Judy Verhagen
Consultancy: Telford Taylor
Director: Marcel Ophüls
Editing: Inge Behrens
  Marion Kraft
Director of photography: Michael Davis
Assistant camera: Alan Jones
Assistant editor: George Akers
  Tim J. Jordan
  Andrew Patterson

2nd Camera unit: Elliott Erwitt
  Richard Pearce
  Dan Lerner

The film is described as a philosophical reflection as well as an enquiry into the relations existing between the history of modern societies and their notions of justice. "In the film, the necessity of judging men and their acts constantly comes up against the difficulty of judging others. The Nazi crimes are iniquitous - in their scope, by their abominable motivation, and in their meticulous execution; but the Germans, fortunately or unfortunately for us all, seem to be, after all, just like other people. And that is why the Nuremberg trials can perhaps teach us a lesson." Thus Nuremberg is the place "where individual destinies and collective destinies meet. From this point, the investigation allows for flashbacks, and also reflections on the present, and opens on to the future. Vietnam, Algeria, atomic bombs, Stalinism, the CIA, torture in Latin America and elsewhere. Hitler finally seems to be, at the same time, the great loser and the great winner of the twentieth century. (Marcel Ophuls)

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Språk: n/a
Lyd: Sound film
Visningsformat: n/a
Varighet: n/a

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