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Staub über Ephesos   [Original Title]

Produksjonsår: 1955
Sjanger: Documentary Film
Innspillingssted: Anatolien

Production company: Göttinger Filmproduktion (Hans Heinrich Kahl)
Screenplay: Wolfgang V. Löhneysen
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit: Walter H. Gross
Director: Caspar van den Berg
Director of photography: Wolfgang Claus
  Claus Schumann
Music: Horst Dempwolff

nøkkelord: Geschichte
Short documentary about the constructions (library, temples, arenas) of the ancient Greek in Ephesos, Pergamon and Milet. Furthermore, there is a theatrical play (only orally, no images of the play) about a girl that got her hair cut by her husband.

Version 1
Språk: n/a
Lyd: Sound film
Visningsformat: 1:1,37
Varighet: 10 min

Lengde 261 m Request Copy Button
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Kopitype Positive
Filmbase Acetate